петък, 23 октомври 2009 г.

M.a.m.s., C.h.r.i.s.t.i.n.a. & T.i.e.s.t.o.

M.a.m.s. T.a.y.l.o.r. feat. C.h.r.i.s.t.i.n.a. M.i.l.i.a.n. & D.J. T.i.e.s.t.o. - L.e.t.'.s. G.o. (Prod. by D.J. T.i.e.s.t.o.)


J.o.h.n.t.a. A.u.s.t.i.n. feat. M.a.r.y. J. B.l.i.g.e. - I. A.m. (Prod. By S.t.a.r.g.a.t.e.)

my favourite male artist...

C.l.a.u.d.e. K.e.l.l.y. - W.a.r. (Prod. by B.r.i.a.n. K.e.n.n.e.d.y.)

C.l.a.u.d.e. K.e.l.l.y. - Q.u.i.e.t. S.t.o.r.m. (Prod. by B.r.i.a.n. K.e.n.n.e.d.y.)


C.i.a.r.a. - T.u.r.n. I.t. U.p.


R.i.h.a.n.n.a. feat. K.a.r.d.i.n.a.l. O.f.f.i.s.h.a.l.l. - R.u.s.s.i.a.n. R.o.u.l.e.t.t.e. (Remix)

New Version....

New version of T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d.'s first single featuring N.e.l.l.y. F.u.r.t.a.d.o.

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. feat. S.o.s.h.y. and N.e.l.l.y. F.u.r.t.a.d.o. - M.o.r.n.i.n.g. A.f.t.e.r. D.a.r.k.

четвъртък, 22 октомври 2009 г.

M.i.c.h.e.l.l.e. W.i.l.l.i.a.m.s.

M.i.c.h.e.l.l.e. W.i.l.l.i.a.m.s. - L.a.s.t. D.a.n.c.e. (Prod. By T.h.e. J.a.m.)

M.i.c.h.e.l.l.e. W.i.l.l.i.a.m.s. - I.'.m. W.i.t.h. Y.o.u. (Prod. by T.h.e. J.a.m.)


T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. is about to release his new album "S.h.o.c.k. V.a.l.u.e. 2" here are a few of the songs that might be on the album and a rumored list of some of the tracks...

S.h.a.k.i.r.a. Ft. L.i.l. W.a.y.n.e. - T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. - G.i.v.e. I.t. U.p. T.o. M.e.

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. Feat. S.o.s.h.y. - M.o.r.n.i.n.g. A.f.t.e.r. D.a.r.k.

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. feat. K.e.r.i. H.i.l.s.o.n. & J.a.y.-Z. - R.u.m.o.r.s.

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. Feat. D.r.a.k.e. - S.a.y. S.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g.

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. Feat. T.-.P.a.i.n. & M.i.s.s.y. E.l.l.i.o.t. - T.a.l.k.

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. feat. J.u.s.t.i.n. T.i.m.b.e.r.l.a.k.e. - C.r.a.z.y. G.i.r.l. (LQ)

T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. feat. J.u.s.t.i.n. T.i.m.b.e.r.l.a.k.e. - C.a.r.r.y. O.u.t.  (LQ)

K. D.r.e.w. feat. T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. - M.o.r.n.i.n.g. A.f.t.e.r. D.a.r.k. (MiX)

W.e. B.e.l.o.n.g. t.o. t.h.e. M.u.s.i.c. (featuring M.i.l.e.y. C.y.r.u.s.)
L.o.n.g. W.a.y. D.o.w.n. (featuring D.a.u.g.h.t.r.y.)
U.n.d.e.r.t.o.n.e. (featuring T.h.e. F.r.a.y.)
C.a.r.r.y. O.u.t. (featuring J.u.s.t.i.n. T.i.m.b.e.r.l.a.k.e.)
M.a.r.c.h. O.n. (featuring O.n.e.R.e.p.u.b.l.i.c.)
S.y.m.p.h.o.n.y. (featuring D.O.E. & A.t.t.i.t.u.d.e.)
I.f. W.e. .M.e.e.t. .A.g.a.i.n. (featuring K.a.t.y. P.e.r.r.y.)
C.a.n. Y.o.u. F.e.e.l. I.t. (featuring E.s.t.h.e.r.o.)
S.a.y. S.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g. (featuring D.r.a.k.e.)
M.a.n.i.a.c. (featuring C.h.r.i.s. B.r.o.w.n. & K.e.r.i. H.i.l.s.o.n.)
M.o.r.n.i.n.g. A.f.t.e.r. D.a.r.k. (featuring S.o.S.h.y.)
T.i.m.o.t.h.y. (featuring J.e.t.)
P.u.t. T.o.m.o.r.r.o.w. i.n. a. B.o.t.t.l.e. (featuring N.i.c.k.e.l.b.a..c.k.)
T.a.l.k. (featuring T.-.P.a.i.n., M.i.s.s.y. E.l.l.i.o.t.t. a.n.d. L.i.l. W.a.y.n.e.)
M.e.e.t. .I.n. T.h.e. M.i.d.d.l.e. (featuring B.r.a.n.d.y.)
C.r.a.z.y. G.i.r.l. (featuring J.u.s.t.i.n. T.i.m.b.e.r.l.a.k.e.)
G.o. .G.e.t.t.a.

сряда, 21 октомври 2009 г.


L.e.o.n.a. L.e.w.i.s. - I. G.o.t. U.

L.e.o.n.a. L.e.w.i.s. - O.u.t.t.a. M.y. H.e.a.d. (Snippet)

FAKE B.r.i.t.n.e.y...

U.n.k.n.o.w.n. feat. L.i.l.' W.a.y.n.e. - B.a.d. G.i.r.l. (prod. by D.a.n.j.a.)

U.n.k.n.o.w.n. - M.o.n.s.t.e.r. (prod. by D.a.n.j.a.)

P.i.t.b.u.l.l. & N.i.c.o.l.e.

P.i.t.b.u.l.l. feat. N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - H.o.t.e.l. R.o.o.m. S.e.r.v.i.c.e. (Remix)

вторник, 20 октомври 2009 г.


L.a.d.y. G.a.G.a. - A.l.e.j.a.n.d.r.o.

L.a.d.y. G.a.G.a. - B.a.d. R.o.m.a.n.c.e.

L.a.d.y. G.a.G.a. - N.o. W.a.y.

L.a.d.y. G.a.G.a. - F.i.l.t.h.y. P.o.p.

b.l.a.x.y. g.i.r.l.s....

B.l.a.x.y. G.i.r.l.s. - S.a.v.e. T.h.e. W.o.r.l.d.


R.i.h.a.n.n.a. - R.u.s.s.i.a.n. R.o.u.l.e.t.t.e.

събота, 19 септември 2009 г.

This is a snippet and it starts with the begining of the song... it's 1 minute and 22 seconds...
I LOVE this song!

M.a.r.i.a.h. C.a.r.e.y. - H.A.T.E. U (SNIPPET)

M.a.r.y. J. B.l.i.g.e. - S.a.i.d. & D.o.n.e. (Prod. By R.y.a.n. L.e.s.l.i.e.)

K.e.r.i. H.i.l.s.o.n. - C.a.l.l.i.n.'. Y.a. (P.r.o.d. by T.h.e. C.l.u.t.c.h.)

K.a.i. H.o.l.m.e.s. - T.i.l.l. D.e.c.e.m.b.e.

K.a.i. H.o.l.m.e.s. - S.a.y. I.t. A.g.a.i.n.

K.a.i. H.o.l.m.e.s. - H.e.a.r.t.b.r.e.a.k.

W.h.i.t.n.e.y. H.o.u.s.t.o.n. feat. J.o.h.n.t.a. A.u.s.t.i.n. - C.a.l.l. Y.o.u. T.o.n.i.g.h.t.

I love the both versions of this song and i can't decide which one i like more. So I've found this mix. Hope u like it ;)

S.h.a.k.i.r.a. performing "D.i.d. I.t. A.g.a.i.n."

неделя, 3 май 2009 г.

DEMO for P.C.D.

P.u.s.s.y.c.a.t. D.o.l.l.s. - T.h.e. J.u.n.g.l.e. (Prod. by J.N.e.w.)

R.i.h.a.n.n.a. DEMOS

R.i.h.a.n.n.a. - H.a.p.p.y. H.o.u.r. (DEMO)

R.i.h.a.n.n.a. - O.b.l.i.v.i.o.u.s. (DEMO)

DEMO for R.i.h.a.n.n.a. by D.a.w.n. R.i.c.h.a.r.d.

D.a.w.n. R.i.c.h.a.r.d. - U.G.L.Y.

DEMO for R.i.h.a.n.n.a. by C.r.i.s.t.y.l.e.

C.r.i.s.t.y.l.e. - P.h.o.b.i.a. (Prod. by D.a.r.k.c.h.i.l.d.)

unreleased L.e.o.n.a.

I know it's not a new thing... this song is out for a long time now but I really like it and that's why i post it... Enjoy ;)

L.e.o.n.a. L.e.w.i.s. - H.o.w. M.a.n.y. T.i.m.e.s. (4:31)

L.e.o.n.a. L.e.w.i.s. - H.o.w. M.a.n.y. T.i.m.e.s. (7:08)

B.u.t.c.h. C.a.s.s.i.d.y.

B.u.t.c.h. C.a.s.s.i.d.y. - F.a.s.t. C.a.r. (Prod. By Q.u.r.a.)


A.u.g.u.s.t. - I. G.o.t. I.t. A.l.l.


B.a.c.k.s.t.r.e.e.t. B.o.y.s. - M.a.s.q.u.e.r.a.d.e. (Prod. by B.r.i.a.n. K.e.n.n.e.d.y.)

B.a.c.k.s.t.r.e.e.t. B.o.y.s. - F.a.l.l.e.n. A.n.g.e.l.

B.a.c.k.s.t.r.e.e.t. B.o.y.s. - S.h.e.'.s. A. D.r.e.a.m. (Prod. by T.-.P.a.i.n.)


U.n.k.n.o.w.n. - H.a.b.i.t.

U.n.k.n.o.w.n. - M.a.s.q.u.e.r.a.d.e. (Prod. by A.k.o.n.)

U.n.k.n.o.w.n. - I.'.m. F.r.e.s.h. (Prod. By P.o.l.o.w. D.a. D.o.n.)

събота, 2 май 2009 г.

A.d.a.m. L.a.m.b.e.r.t. - F.e.e.l.i.n.g. G.o.o.d.

вторник, 14 април 2009 г.

Like: OMG! Like: WHAT?! Like: IS THIS FOR REAL?!

I just found this track...
It was said to be demo for B.r.i.t.n.e.y. S.p.e.a.r.s. but I don't think so... In my opinion u can clearly hear N.I.C.O.L.E. S.C.H.E.R.Z.I.N.G.E.R.'s voice in the begining. And after that u can hear a few more voices. Female voices...!
So... I was listening to this like 20 times now and I'm like : Could this be the first P.C.D. song where we hear all the dolls singing?!

W.H.A.T.C.H.A. T.H.I.N.K. A.B.O.U.T. T.H.A.T.?!

?P.u.s.s.y.c.a.t. D.o.l.l.s.? - S.o. M.a.n.y. B.o.y.s., S.o. L.i.t.l.l.e. T.i.m.e.

S.o.l.a.n.g.e. - C.a.l.e.n.d.a.r.

Still in the leak

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - S.o.m.e.b.o.d.y. T.o. L.o.v.e.

понеделник, 13 април 2009 г.

M.i.c.h.e.l.l.e. W.i.l.l.i.a.m.s. - R.e.s.q.u.e. M.y. H.e.a.r.t.

B.r.e.a.t.h.e. G.e.n.t.l.e.

T.i.z.i.a.n.o. F.e.r.r.o. - B.r.e.a.t.h.e. G.e.n.t.l.e. (feat. K.e.l.l.y. R.o.w.l.a.n.d.)

G.e.t. O.n. T.h.e. B.u.s.

D.e.s.t.i.n.y.'s. C.h.i.l.d. - G.e.t. o.n. t.h.e. b.u.s. (feat. T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d.)

N.i.c.o.l.e. in the leak :D


N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - A.m.e.r.i.c.a. T.h.e. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. (Live)

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - B.r.e.a.k.f.a.s.t. I.n. B.e.d.

N.i.c.o.l.e. - D.i.a.m.o.n.d.s. a.r.e. a. g.i.r.l.s. b.e.s.t. f.r.i.e.n.d.s. (Live)

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I. O.w.n.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - H.a.p.p.i.l.y. N.e.v.e.r. A.f.t..e.r.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - I. S.a.w. Y.o.u.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - I.'.l.l. B.e. Y.o.u.r. L.o.v.e.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - J.u.s.t. S.a.y. Y.e.s. (SNIPPED)

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - R.i.o.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - S.a.v.e. M.e. F.r.o.m. M.y.s.e.l.f. (clip)

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - S.t.e.a.m.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - S.u.p.e.r. V.i.l.l.a.i.n. (Main)

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - S.u.p.e.r. V.i.l.l.a.i.n. (Part II)

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - W.h.o.'.s. G.o.n.n.a. L.o.v.e. Y.o.u.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. D.a.d.d.y. Y.a.n.k.e.e. - P.a.p.i. L.o.v.e.r.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. M.a.n.n.i.e. F.r.e.s.h. - G.r.o.o.v.e. T.o.n.i.g.h.t.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. P.h.a.r.r.e.l.l. W.i.l.l.i.a.m.s. - H.e.a.r.t.b.e.a.t.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. S.h.a.g.y. - S.u.p.a. H.y.p.n.o.t.i.c.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. S.t.i.n.g. - P.o.w.e.r.s. O.u.t.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. T.i.m.b.a.l.a.n.d. - P.h.y.s.i.c.a.l. (FULL)

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. V.i.t.t.o.r.i.o. G.r.i.g.o.l.o. - Y.o.u. A.r.e. M.y. M.i.r.a.c.l.e.

N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. feat. W.i.l.l. S.m.i.t.h. - I.f. Y.o.u. C.a.n.'.t. D.a.n.c.e.

M.a.d.o.n.n.a. feat. N.i.c.o.l.e. S.c.h.e.r.z.i.n.g.e.r. - H.e.a.r.t.b.e.a.t.

четвъртък, 9 април 2009 г.

K.r.i.s.t.i.n.i.a. D.e.B.a.r.g.e.

вторник, 7 април 2009 г.

L.a.d.y. G.a.G.a. feat. R.i.h.a.n.n.a. (DEMO)

L.e.e. C.a.r.r.



H.e.i.g.h.t. O.f. M.y. L.o.v.e.

I.t.'.s. R.e.a.l. (feat. G.i.n.u.w.i.n.e.)

T.a.k.e. I.t. B.a.c.k.

T.i.c. T.o.c.

J.e.r.m.a.i.n.e. D.u.p.r.i. feat. J.o.h.n.t.a. A.u.s.t.i.n.

W.h.e.r.e. I.s. T.h.e. L.o.v.e.

K.a.t. D.e.l.u.n.a.


понеделник, 6 април 2009 г.


b. - d.i.a.m.o.n.d.s. a.r.e. a. g.i.r.l.s. b.e.s.t. f.r.i.e.n.d.


P.i.c.k. I.t. U.p.

O.C.E.A.N. D.R.I.V.E.

h. m.

неделя, 5 април 2009 г.

T.h.e. S.a.t.u.r.d.a.y.s.

C.i.a.r.a. - P.u.c.k.e.r. U.p.