вторник, 21 октомври 2008 г.

Wade Robson - It Was All In Your Mind

Wade Jeremy Robson (born September 17, 1982 in Brisbane, Australia) is a professional dancer, choreographer and producer. Robson is the creator and host of MTV’s Wade Robson Project. By the time when he was seven, Robson had appeared in three of Michael Jackson’s music videos: “Black or White”, “Jam” and “Heal the World”. In addition, he was in the rap group Quo which was on Jackson’s label. Years later, he testified in defense of Michael Jackson during Jackson’s trial on charges of child molestation, after earlier a witness had claimed that Robson was molested by Michael Jackson. Robson denied this allegation. Since his appearances in Jackson’s videos, he has appeared with Britney Spears in Pepsi commercials, did the choreography for her I’m a Slave 4 U video, as well as serving as tour director for Britney’s 2001 Dream Within A Dream Tour.

This track "It Was All In Your Mind" was used in Britney's DREAM WITHIN A DREAM TOUR in 2001... And now it's been confirmed that BRITNEY AND WADE WILL BE WORKING AGAIN FOR HER NEW 2009 TOUR. Hope we'll see some great performances and we'll hear something even better than that.

Wade Robson - It Was All In Your Mind

Wade Robson - It Was All In Your Mind (Dream Within A Dream Tour Live)

P.S. In the picture above you can see my girl Britney, rehearseling in the dance studio a few days ago... She look smokin' hot... her stomach is flat again. What can the haters say now? Nothing!!! She's The BEST :)