понеделник, 23 февруари 2009 г.

C.i.r.c.u.s. T.h.e. I.n.s.t.r.u.m.e.n.t.a.l.s.

Here are all of the C.i.r.c.u.s. album instrumentals that I have...



S.h.a.t.t.e.r.e.d. G.l.a.s.s.

I.f. Y.o.u. S.e.e.k. A.m.y.

U.n.u.s.u.a.l. Y.o.u.


M.a.n.n.e.q.u.i.n. (FAN MADE!!!)



And here I have 2 other instrumentals that were rumoured to be from the album but it turned out to be a lie... Anyway THEY ARE HOT!!!!!!

Unknown Instrumental 1

Unknown Instrumental 2

4 коментара:

Анонимен каза...

Gabs: Wow instrumentals! I love them. I love to sing but it doesn't sound like Britney.. anyway, thanks for them ;]

Ivan каза...

:D Gabs :) you RULZZZ babe :) you are the only one who's posting comments and THAT MAKES YOU SOOOOO SPECIAL!!! THANK YOU!!!
and bout singin :D OMG - Let's MAKE A DUET :D it will be fun...

Анонимен каза...

Gaby: Oh I must go on rehearsals first :D I bet you're good ;p By the way, I really can't understand how you have soo much visitors (last week maybe the number was 1845 and now is 10247 ;) I think it doesn't cost people anything to write one comment with "thx" ot something.. We must show how we appreciate this blog. I must thank you, you make me happy everyday :)

Ivan каза...

:) I'm happy that my work makes u happy :) that was the idea of this blog :)
and yeah... I was shocked too when I saw how many ppl know about this blog. I'm not posting links on other sites and when I saw 10 000... :D it was a bit shocking :D
and u know it's not about saying TNX/// I like what I do and I do it just to make ppl happy but at one point you see so many ppl coming to the site and only 1 is commenting... It's kinda lonely. I come here and I see 6 or 7 visitors online and I'm like "Yeah... I'll post something and they will comment it they will tell me their opinion and we'll talk a little" but it never happens. Like I'm alone here... It doesn't make sense to keep it that way. I prefer to get your MSN or something like that and to send the new songs to u only :D and to close the blog cause it's toooooo lonely here.